05 Chevy Colorado Rough Idle

I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab 4x4. Have 251,000 miles on it, and going strong !!! Must have gotten one of the good ones.

I suggest that you go to one of the Colorado forums and ask for help. coloradofans.com is a good one. www.355nation.net is another. A quick comment on your listed problems. The heater fan is usually a burned connection on the resistor block or a bad ground wire connection on the right inner fender. If it is a 2004 an AC cooling problem there is a fix posted there for the temperature ... Read More

Hi Im looking for help, info, ideas, problem solving ideas & anything else along those lines. Abs sensor, heater, rough idle etc. Please help thanks.

Hi Im Looking or Trying to get a hold of Mariah GM Customer Service or gmcustsvc is her name Id? Im trying to ask her some questions about my 2004 Chevy Colorado abs sensor & well a list of other things or problems. Thanks

That is the same story repeater over and over and over again. There is no known problem. Your are the first one, etc, etc , etc. If they admit there is a problem then they are on the hook to repair the thousands of other vehicles with the same problem. I have repaired several Colorados with the is same problem. Mine had the problem and I just cleaned and adjusted he ... Read More

I have a 2004 Chevy colorado which I purchased new in Sept 2004. As of March 2012 it has 40,469 miles on it. Started having intermittant ABS and brake problems when the vehicle had approximately 20,000 miles. Chevy dealer (in Ravenel, SC) stated on several occasions that it was useless for me to bring in the vehicle if the fault code wasnt present. They did check it once when I had ... Read More

Regretfully an owner of a 2004 Colorado Z71 4x4 w/ 130K. Been a Chevy fan most of my life, but more based on the days before computers got involved. Im currently dealing with the ABS and the power window control system problems. Unbelivable how many posts on both these issues and the countless numbers that arent even aware of this web site. Christina, Sarah, "Peggy": with the large number of folks ... Read More

Sarah, My dad bought his 2004 colorado 3.5 4x4 new from Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-barre, PA. He has been having a misfire issue, also throwing codes. He had it to the dealer but it did not throw a code for them. It idled rough but said since no code was thrown, they could not diagnose. Truck had approx 60K on it. Now it has just over 80k and he had it ... Read More

it is a 2004 with 120,000 kms and it has been nothing but trouble,i have kept all the maintence up to date

"Im supposed to return to the dealer in the AM to have them work with the factory techs. But im already into this for nearly $600 for diagnosis and BCM replacement, and presumably the bill will only go up from here. Thoughts?" Yeah, pretty much, welcome to teh GM service department. I went through the same thing. Replace the BCM, it will cure the problem. Oh it didnt? You want your ... Read More

this might work if you scroll down. The list is "generic codes" only so they might or might not be exactly what you need. If you can have your codes read say by Autozone or Oreilly for free, then we could tell you what they mean. http://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/

Does anyone know where I can find a list of "Code" descriptions for the Colorado?

RESOLVED 2004-2005 Chevrolet Colorado Drivers side window and door locks dont work After going to GM and buying the schematic for the truck. I found that the security system uses a paired key format.. Meaning the vehicle security system must be paired to an ignition key in order to link the common data bus for the BCM(Body Control Module). If the problem persists beyond this process, you will have to take ... Read More

I have always done all of my own work to my vehicles including engine swaps and building motors. Im not a certified mechanic but know what Im doing and have all the tools to do it. My 2004 2WD Z71 Chevy Colorado has just 55k miles on it and was just about due for new pads and rotors(before winter). I saw the issues people were having with their ABS sensors after ... Read More

Yep CHEVROLET the gift that KEEPS on giving!!... To the dealership, Oh yeah I almost forgot Randy Wise Chevrolet Milan Mi.The WORST dealer on the planet!!!

That is a great post, one of the best and most informative on the problem. It makes sense and it sounds like logical troubleshooting.